An extensive process of engagement with the community and regional stakeholders has underpinned the MR Plan.

Resources such as the Community Conversation Guide were provided to encourage deep and meaningful conversations, extracting valuable information to guide the development of the MR Plan.

The Guide was designed to enable small community groups to come together and discuss their strengths and what they needed to support their resilience.

Any community member could host a Community Conversation and they were supported in doing this by the Host Guide.

The Host’s role was to organise a group in their community (the groups could be as small or as big as the host felt comfortable with).

Community Conversations were encouraged to happen organically and to take place within existing networks and groups in our communities.

The Host Guide and Conversation Guide were used as valuable resources to support these conversations and assist groups to work together to prioritise what was viewed as most important to them at the time.

The Companion Video was made available to watch alongside hosting a conversation and provide additional support and guidance.

Summary of recommendations

A summary of the process, participation and recommendations was requested as an initial action of the Interest Panel participants.
The recommendations were asked to be overlayed on the ice-berg model adapted from Australia Resilience Centre 2019 for ease of understanding.

You can find out more about these recommendations in the draft MR Plan or by getting in touch with the team.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about the MR Plan or want to know how you can be further involved contact your local RDAMR office.

Ph: 8535 7170